NESTRO modular filter

The NESTRO modular filter 9/4 is a cleangas system with the fans installed on the cleangas side after the filter bags on top of the filter. Several advantages are related to the NESTRO cleangas system. While located on the cleangas side the fans don´t get in touch with material. This allows the installation of closed impellers in the fan with an up to 20% higher efficiency compared to classic raw gas systems with open impellers. Combined with a pressure control system based on frequency variation and fan cascading according actual production air volume demand the energy saving can be increased even higher to 30%. In addition to the energy advantages, in absence of material in the fan the risk of spark is reduced to a minimum. Also, the wear of the fans is nearly down to zero.

Equipping the NESTRO modular filter 9/4 with the NESTRO counter pressure system (vibration plus flushing air) ensures continuous operation for 24/7 without rest times for cleaning. Every filter element is isolated from the negative pressure by dampers as a separate unit while cleaning. While one unit is off for cleaning the flushing, air is taken from the fan room on top of the filter into piping system that blasts air through the filter tubes from the outside in without additional energy of cleaning fan. The positive pressure in the fan chamber is enough. The motor-operated cleaning system provides additional active support by vibrating the filter bags. Very unique and reliable is that the dry return air is used for the blasting and not external air with moisture that can block the filter fabric.

The modular system of the 9/4 filter allows filter installations up to 300.000 m³/h in steps of about 10.000 m³/h according customers demand. Also future extensions of the filter in steps of 10.000 m³/h is always possible.

Customized material handling systems like manual bagging screws for wood shavings or storage solutions with high capacity discharging systems show that NESTRO is a full solution provider.



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